Decoral profiles

Decorative aluminum has a variety of colors and designs, and its designs are available in the form of polymer films with different qualities. The polymer layers are stretched by special painting devices in groups of six to twelve numbers on the surface of the aluminum profile and placed in a special furnace, so-called baked and fixed on the desired profile.

Decorative services on all sections of aluminum profiles, including general sections such as aluminum can profiles, aluminum corner profiles, aluminum tube profiles, aluminum shield profiles, aluminum belt profiles and special sections such as types of aluminum door and window profiles and aluminum partition profiles, etc. It is applicable.

What is the aluminum profile decorative process?

The decorative coating process is very similar to the Purdy paint operation. In this process, a layer of paint is placed on the surface of the aluminum profile. This layer has great strength and is used in all industries.

Aluminum decorative steps

To perform decorative aluminum, first, the surface of the aluminum profile is completely washed to clean it. Aluminum profile surfaces should be free of grease, dirt and dust. The reason for performing the cleaning process is that the color sits well on the surface of the profile and as a result gives us a good quality. Clearing operations are different for different profiles.

In the next step, the surface of the desired aluminum profile is covered with powder paint. The powder paint coating increases the absorption power of the ink on the aluminum surface and prepares the desired surface for the decorative process. This color is chosen based on the decorative color. In the next step, after airing, the profiles are placed inside the furnace and after cooling, the decorative design film is placed on the profiles.

In the next step, the profiles are placed at a temperature of 200 to 350 degrees Celsius, so that the desired design on the film is placed on the aluminum profile as a result of the sublimation process, and then the plastic film is removed from the profile.


Decorative aluminum feature


Decoral is a very resistant and special coating and for this reason it is used for very special uses.

Decoral coating is very resistant to moisture, water and different weather conditions.

The decorative cover is very stylish and beautiful.

Decorative coating protects aluminum against wear and corrosion due to its durability and longevity.

Cleaning and cleaning the decoral cover is very simple and easy, and this work is done simply by using a damp cloth and through washing.

Decorative aluminum profile can be recycled.

 Decorative aluminum profile reduces the amount of fire in fire incidents.

One of the most important features of the decorative profile is its very light weight compared to wood, and it is also economically more affordable than wood.