Shot blast

Shot blast creates a uniform surface on the profile in the stage before anodizing, which provides better quality in the anodizing stage.


It should be noted that the process of aluminum extrusion and turning it into a profile takes place in the form of aluminum paste passing through the extrusion mold, which creates irregular longitudinal lines on the profile, which sometimes appear as shadows. Therefore, in order to have a uniform and velvety supermatt surface, as well as to remove extruded shadow lines, mechanical shot blasting services can be used before the anodizing stage.


In addition to creating a uniform and shadowless surface and creating a super velvety surface on the profile, shot blasting services by throwing bullets towards the profile with the help of wind power have eliminated all the uneven surfaces of the profile and help to provide a better quality of the profile in the anodizing stage. he does.


 One of the top producers of exclusive aluminum profiles in the country is one of the first companies to provide shot blasting services and set up production lines for shot blasting profiles.