Technical laboratory and quality control

The production equipment that is needed to achieve the capacity and quality required for quality control and continuous improvement has always been one of the concerns of this collection.

Quality control experts, using all kinds of necessary equipment and constant communication with the collection laboratory, carefully inspect and control each of the production processes and products within the framework of the relevant standards to ensure their compliance with the quality requirements. In order to ensure the quality of manufactured products, the quality control unit of the complex has metallurgical, chemical and powder paint equipped laboratories, which in addition to raw materials

Input to the collection, regarding the quality control of all products produced in the production lines based on international standards and specifications

takes necessary technical action.

 To ensure the satisfaction of the customers and the continuous improvement of the quality of the manufactured products of the collection.

The metallurgical laboratory of the complex is one of the most equipped laboratories in the country in the aluminum industry.

In the chemical laboratory of the anodizing unit, the factors affecting the process, including the concentration of chemical elements in different tubs, are permanently determined

They are measured so that by controlling the process parameters, a quality product is produced and provided to the customers. In addition, using

From the latest equipment, the range of colored anodizing colors, the thickness of the anodizing layer, as well as the quality of the seal layer created permanently

It is measured and controlled.

The powder paint laboratory, having the laboratory furnaces and guns, prepares the incoming colors to the company before sending them to the line.

Production is reviewed. Other tests in this part can be used to control the thickness of the coated paint layer, the amount of gloss and so on

Examining the amount of paint adhesion to the profile indicated that with the help of the best equipment purchased from the most reputable European companies,

They are constantly tested and controlled.