Guillotine window system

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Guillotine window system


  • Aluminum profiles, including side rails, floor profiles,
  • Glass frame, engine box, power transmission tube, etc.
  • Tubular engine
  • Wireless remote control
  • Plastic fittings
  • Gear
  • Belt
  • Fittings and connections of the power transmission system
  • Connecting screws

The guillotine system is an automatic window with a remote control in the vertical direction It moves and opens and closes.
This system can be in two or three layers according to the customer’s request To be designed and implemented.
Guillotine windows can be folded upwards.
When folded down when the window is open, a shelter of about 90 cm , It is said that they ensure the safety of residents in different places such as balconies and roof gardens, and in Now, it can be folded up to allow movement from the location of the window.
Major uses These windows are in cafes and restaurants, hotel balconies, commercial and entertainment centers, villas and homes.
It is residential The profiles used in the guillotine system of this company with a unique design at the same time , Maintaining the resistance has a special elegance to give the most panoramic view to the users .
When the system is in the closed position, the rubber seals used in between The profile of the glass slats prevents water and dust from entering the area of ​​use.
The Aluxil guillotine window can be controlled remotely by connecting to the customer’s request
The building management network ( BMS ) or the application specific to the engines used in this system and It also has a connection to wind and rain sensors and can feel relaxed with this advantage double the sense of security of the residents.
The glass used in guillotine windows can be of single – paned type, security laminate 10mil or double-walled 20 mil strength


Place of use: suitable for large openings in villas, houses, hotels, restaurants, office and commercial buildings
Function: motorized system with wireless remote control.
The glass can be moved up or down behind a part they add up constantly.
Features: Double-paned or single-paned glass