Design And Fabrication

Extrusion mold design and preparation workshop

The design unit and workshop for the preparation of extrusion molds is unique in the country in terms of size, facilities and the preparation of various types of extrusion molds.


Due to having one of the best design and engineering groups, this unit is equipped with the latest technology and software for designing and preparing mold drawings based on global extrusion standards.

In order to improve the surface quality of the extrusion profiles and also to increase the lifetime of the molds, after a certain amount of mold production in extrusion, nitration operations are performed on them periodically with the most accurate equipment and materials.


Another important factor in the production of aluminum profiles is the use of quality molds. The quality of the mold is checked in terms of mechanical and metallurgical design of the mold structure, the type of steel used, the type of plating done and its quality. Then, during the production of the mold, in terms of higher efficiency, as well as maintaining the quality of the mold during the times used in the extrusion press, polishing and hardening operations are performed by the vacuum nitration furnace.


According to the type of profile ordered, first, the engineering design team performs mold and software design tests using special software. According to the tolerable pressure of the mold, the most precise steel material is considered for it, and after the manufacturing steps, which include CNC machining and wire cutting, the mold is hardened under special heat treatment.

If all the conditions are met, the mold enters the nitration furnace for the first surface hardening and then it is ready for production, that is, it is used in the extrusion press. During mold production, the profiles are checked and polished by the company’s technicians, and after the specified production amount for each mold, nitration operations are performed periodically for all molds so that the desired mold is out of the requested weight. At that time, the molds are taken out of the production cycle and transferred to the mold warehouse ready for production.


The most important goal in the molding process:

The purpose of the mold making process is to produce the mold according to the engineering plan, to check the molds carefully after each production by the technicians of the molding unit, and also to perform hardening operations by the nitration furnace. If this cycle is strictly maintained, the quality and productivity of the product will be greatly increased.

At first glance, the customer may design a mold with specific details according to his needs, according to his important points, holes and thicknesses and tabs in each and each of the mentioned items with a specific purpose in each. Is different. The type of behavior of aluminum metal depends on the type of alloy, the limitations of making extrusion molds based on the dimensions and size of openings and tabs, the limitations of extrusion presses, including the width of the output opening, affect this design, and the aluminum profile design team, considering Taking these limitations, the designed aluminum section is designed and proposed. This design phase may take some time, but at the end all customer needs and extrusion and production constraints are taken into account and a section is created taking all aspects into account.